And I am a little surprised by that.

Up until a couple months ago I had zero interest in this franchise. To be honest it looked incredibly stupid, and a waste of my time. But after seeing previews for "On Stranger Tides" I thought 'Why not? I've not seen a truly big blockbuster in the theaters in awhile". So I got to catching up on the previous entries.

Look they're all dumb, but I watched "Curse" in January and walked away from it really not having that good of a time and didn't bother to watch the other two until this past week, I was so uninterested after watching the first. Imagine my shock and surprise when I enjoyed "Dead" and "World's" to a great degree, getting totally lost in the fun, and the absurdity, of it all. I mean it's been a long time quite awhile since I've seen films this flawed, but yet I couldn't give a flying damn because they're just so much damn fun!

Perhaps I need to go back and give the initial film another go?