I know everybody here is going to kill me after reading this!Because Godfather lovers are a lot.But...
Since I was a child and after that when I started watching movies,I heard about Godfather.Everyone spoke about it as the best film ever.But now I watched three parts of Godfather and I'm confused.This movie?best movie? I can't believe it.It was so boring and I'm surprised that a lot of people watched it 2 or 3 times!

Don't get me wrong.I got the massage.yaaaaaah! I know! how Michael changed through the story and everything.But that didn't work for me.I don't like this film and its massage and everything about it!

I mean,have you seen Shawshank Redemption or Green Mile? I felt very well when I watched Shawshank Redemption.The story and characters were awesome in Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile.But in Godfather,I didn't like any of them except Robert Deniro as Don Vito in Godfather part II.

So tell me:
What is the big deal about this movie?