The female is represented as a perfect beautiful being with extreme power. The male has to beg, chase and then beg for her attention, cower in fear lest he be destroyed by her, and then come beg some more.

Let me clarify this for those who don't know: Women, even feminists, DO NOT respect this behavior. Other men DO NOT respect this kind of behavior.

It puts out the idea that women are somehow higher or more important than men, and gives young boys the idea that to get a woman they have to lower themselves and shower her with gifts and attention, without bothering to see if she has any qualities besides beauty, and without bothering to see if she has anything to offer him in return.

Almost every single movie does this, especially kid's movies. Remember what Aladdin had to go through to prove he's good enough for Jasmine? When was the last time you saw a kid's movie where the man acts like a man?

It's a sad state for humanity. It's a rare pleasure to see a movie, like the James Bond movies, that gets it right:

"Frankly my dear I don't give a damn." -- The guy from Gone with the wind

"But what is SHE doing to prove her love to YOU?" -- The star from Stardust