I watched this on Netflix a few nights ago, but one thing I didn't quite understand was why, if Audrey was so happily set up with her sugar daddy Luke Wilson's character, did she participate in the orgy which I assume was thrown for recreational purposes and not for work. She had presented herself to him earlier as a shrewd business woman who had her head on straight and was unconcerned about social moral constraints about making money. She only did solo scenes for her website and had made a play at Luke Wilson based on that.

It just seems out of character for her to engage in a sex party with 2 men (and probably several others) just for the sex especially when she has such a nice setup with Luke Wilson financially (which she is obviously afraid of losing as indicated by the breakup scene) and there would seemingly be no money nor was it being filmed for presentation. Most pornstars (Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Sunny Leone for example) seem to take a back seat performance-wise if not forgoing it altogether when they aren't relying entirely on performing for money or when they enter into serious relationships.

She didn't have drug problem, severe emotional problems, or financial ones. She wasn't an out of control sex nympho either so why would she jeapordize her relationship with Luke Wilson (even if she didn't love him, she at least loved what he could give her and she knew what he had jeapordized/left for her)?