Most of what Richard Kuklinski said in the HBO documentaries and book "The Iceman" by Philip Carlo have been debunked and proven as lies!

The Police have compiled air tight evidence, built rock solid cases and convicted people for many of the murders Kuklinski claims to have carried out! Ex Mafia family members who have turned states evidence have actually confessed to many of the crimes The Iceman took credit for! And please bare in mind these people could not be prosecuted and had nothing to lose by admitting to the killings.

Even Philip Carlo, author of The Iceman book had to embarrassingly admit in one of his other books about another mafia figure that what he was told by Kuklinski was lies and incorrect!

In the book The Murder Machine, the Iceman is not even mentioned once! the FBI had Roy Demeo's clubhouse under surveillance for a long period of time and Kuklinski wasn't ever seen coming or going! not once in all that time! the only known record of him ever coming into contact with Roy Demeo was to buy some cheap silencers off him.

Yes the book is a good read (if very repetitive) but treat it as fiction with a sprinkling of truth. The documentaries are chilling but the man is a good actor and even during his interview with Park Dietz it's clear he's making things up on the spot.

No question about it The Iceman did kill people but the true figure's are from anywhere between 8 - 30 people! not in the hundreds
He had nothing to do with the murders of Roy DeMeo, Paul Castellano or Jimmy Hoffa