Luthor rebuilds Metropolis and starts an anti-Superman campaign. Much of humanity rallies behind him. In an effort to get Superman under humanity's control, Lex takes several attempts at cloning the Man of Steel. The results are Cyborg Superman, Bizarro, and Kon-El (clone of both Superman and Luthor).

Kara Zor-El is also discovered on Earth. (She is hinted at in Man of Steel by showing an empty pod in the scout ship.) She aids Kal in his fight against Luthor and the Superman clones.

In the final battle, Kon-El's good side wins out and ends up sacrificing himself to save Kal and Kara.

Superman moves closer to being recognized as Earth's hero, while Luthor is exposed as a ruthless madman. Kara decides to continue searching for new worlds, and leaves Earth. Brainiac is set up as the villain for Man of Steel 3.

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