When I first watched this film, I thought it was amazing, really enjoyed it and was quite on edge as it was a really well made film with especially great music to compliment its action and twists.

However, unlike other films that I have enjoyed in the past, I have found this film has poor re-watchability, obviously meaning that it becomes a less enjoyable and slightly poorer film with each viewing.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't abused the dvd any more than any other decent film I've re-watched in the past. But I find that the action seems to let the film take a dumbed down way out of confronting defence systems, the constant explaining of the dream worlds etc becomes so dull and derrivitive that you wish they would stop explaining it, as it was pretty obvious anyway, and the tense scenes that build and build with slow motion or music building up and up are now just boring and taking to damn long to get to a decent point.

The ending does not bother me, I still think its a wonderful ending. And I should point out films like Fight Club, Shawshank Redemption, Citizen Kane, anything by Kubrick, anything by Kurosawa, my favorite film American History X and various other films are still enjoyable after tons of viewings, but this film (even though I love the cast and know its a well made film on crew levels) just becomes more and more annoying and boring, and eventually will become unwatchable.

Not enforcing this as anyone's opinion other than my own, but wondering if anyone else has felt this way about this film, or any other films???