I was very upset to find out that Tina is coming up for parole very soon. I was notified earlier this month by the mississippi parole office. This upset me more than I can even say. I thought that she got life without parole. but that is not the case. It really brought up all those feelings from back then. I think about my father all the time but I was better thinking that she would never get out and personally the thought that she might be released kills me. I know she has been there for 25 years and that is a long time. some people may feel that she has served her time, but my dad will never come back. I just dont feel like she should have the chance to live her life when he never will. My whole family and I have written letters and my brother and I are hoping to attend her parole hearing if that is possible. I am checking on that now. It is a little harder since we both live in South Carolina now. Anyway I just felt like I needed to get my feelings out there about that. I do pray that she doesnt get released but I guess overall I dont have control over that. I am just going to do all I can to try and keep her there. atleast for as long as possible. thanks for listening.