1) First battle of Stirling- 100 percent false. Basically the Scots simply ambushed the English across the Stirling bridge and massacred them.
2) King Edward did not die during the execution he died many years later.
3) the whole love affair and meetings between the Queen and Wallace are false
4) Wallaces man friend that big fat brute was 100 percent made up.
5) English never killed his wife. Not sure if he even had one.
6) Boy Wallace never saw all those people dead and hanging. He grew up in time of peace if I remember.
7) The Queen never told the Scotts about the Kings plans.
8) 2nd battle in the movie- The Irish never just swithced sides and the English never fired arrows at there own soliders. All made up.
9) Do not remember any evidence that Robert the Bruce was present or left during the second battle in the movie.
10) King never lost his voice.