One thing that I particularly loved about it was knowing that, much like Toy Story, there is lots of potential for a sequel or two, given the world that Wreck-It Ralph is in: a video-game world.

There could be a follow-up with a movie that crosses arcades and console worlds together (remember arcades that allowed you to bring over your console data and link it to an arcade, which would in turn bestow benefits for the console variant when you went home? One example of this is the F-Zero GX (console) and AX (arcade) games).

Or a movie that took place in an online environment (perhaps a year or so after the events of Wreck-It Ralph, the original creators of that arcade learn of its newfound popularity and gets the game recreated for consoles or the PC, introducing online hi-score competitions)!

Then, there's always further exploring the lives of those living in other arcades, and providing a reason for the Wreck-It Ralph team to "arcade jump", possibly encountering duplicates of themselves in the process!

What are your thoughts? Discuss!