Well, trimming each episode to an hour and a half couldn't be much easier. Clip a dragging scene here, remove an unnecessary one there. But the episode's ending (with Martin Waddy/Ralph Collins encountering his real wife at the headstone and Miss Marple pricking herself with a rose thorn and remembering Jason Rafiel's words echo in her mind) was totally destroyed here, with just Miss Marple looking strangely astonished while putting roses in a vase.

I am very angry that these episodes aren't being shown in full anymore. It was the same with TOWARDS ZERO, with Lady Tressilian's *important* talk with Thomas Royde regarding Adrian's death totally removed, thus confusing matters in that area of the solution (if you haven't read the book).

Hopefully AT BERTRAM'S HOTEL isn't as affected next week (practically every scene in that episode is important to the plot).