The first Wrong Turn is my favorite movie of all time. I liked the second one. I really like the third and fourth ones. The fifth one took my beloved franchise and destroyed it. One of the reasons I liked the Wrong Turn movies so much was because there was no rape at all, which sometimes happens in movies like them. I know we didn't see any rape in the fifth, but we know exactly what they're going to do to her. It literally made me sick to my stomach. They should've just killed her, ran her over with the truck at the end, it would've been kinder, and I was hoping that's what they'd do when I saw the truck coming at the end.

Now, here's my idea for number six:
It starts off with the truck crashing and Lita getting away before they can do anything to her. The main three cannibals live, but Maynard dies (he wasn't present in any of the other films, and I'm killing him off to try to make sense out of the first three that weren't prequels). Lita gets picked up by a group of co-ed college kids who take her to the police. She reports what happened to her, her friends, and everyone else in number five. It then cuts to scenes of Jesse and Chris reporting their ordeal, followed by Nina and Jake reporting theirs, and Alex reporting hers. After multiple reports of a similar nature, we see the beginning credits. The police departments and surviving six people from the previous films go through the woods with the FBI looking for the cannibals, since the police obviously couldn't handle immortal cannibals on their own. The only way to kill someone who can't die is by total dismemberment or decapitation, and I'll get there. The FBI splits into four units: one group with Jesse and Chris, one with Nina and Jake, one with Alex, and one with Lita. The Nina and Jake group runs into One Eye. He is tied up and beheaded. The Alex group runs into Saw Tooth. He is broken on the rack, which is when you pull someone until they literally can't be pulled anymore.The Jesse and Chris group and the Lita group simultaneously run into Three Finger. He is eating someone's heart while it is still in their chest. He is captured and they (Jesse, Chris, and Lita) take turns de-limbing him with an axe. Finally, he is tied to a tree, and Jesse hits him with an axe in his mouth, just like he did to Carly in the first one, and just like with Carly, the rest of his body detaches from the top half of his head. The end. No more Wrong Turn movies. I don't know about anyone else, but this would give me closure, especially after the fifth one. What do you guys think of this? I want the actors who played the survivors to reprise their roles in this one, and I want Lita to have a double-eye transplant, between when the stories of the original films are reported and when they go back into the woods with the FBI, they can show it being done while the beginning credits are going.