1. The proloque at the beginning was good, a very nice detailed history of the dwarves, but I wish they had shown Thror with his Ring, because he had 1 of the 7 rings given by Sauron. They could have show us that the ring had a great influence on him for being so greedy for gold.

2. They could have simply left all out of Radagst scenes, he was totaly unnecessary, the bunny slide is the worst thing that has happen to me.

3. By leaving Radagst out it was actually what we did see in the trailers and read in the appendices, that it was Gandalf who recovers the map and the key from Thrain in the dungeons of Dol Guldur and it was him who then once again entered Dol Guldur and discovered that the Necromancer was actually Sauron.

4. In the FotR, you can turn back and watch the fight between Aragorn and Lurtz, a nice choreographed duel. I wish that I can go back to cinema and watch a duel between Thorin and Azog, but I can't, they made a silly digital Azog, they meet twice and twice no duel. Silly Slow Motion affect with some one of two punches.

5. Again about the battle, the LotR was at his best for me with the great battles, and the massive armies. But I don't no what happened to P. Jackson, there was so much potential in the Battle of Azalnulbizar, it was written down that it was one the bloodiest battle in the history of Middle-Earth, but I Couldn't enjoy it because it had this silly slow motion affect, he could had done it like the Last Aliance but he has chosen for the silly Slow Motion affect.

7. The White Council could have done with more depth, talking more about the seven rings, about Sauron, and could have given more of Saruman, and let us see that he was already corrupted by the history of the one ring.

8. It was actualy easy to make a Duology, they could left all out of Radagast. The stone giants again like the bunny slide, was unnecessary, it was like watching transformers, if it is to show these stupid things I wish he rather stuck in to two movies. Azog coming for revenge, could have left out. The witch king like a ghost, not liked it, they should have used him like in the FotR.