I finished watch the first movie for the 30th time and what do you think happened to Leon?

We last saw him right after Vince was injured and Dom, Letty and Mia flee with him leaving Brian behind, and right afterwards at Dom's house, Brian, Mia, Dom and Jesse are only see, Brian asks Dom where Leon and Letty are, and he replies that they are "Long Gone", so that they can not be caught by the Law.

Brian - Was fired from his job as a cop for letting Dom go, became a street racer in Miami, reunited with his friend Roman Pearce, go a clean record, became an FBI agent, lost his job, went on the run with Dom, got clean record again, is now living in LA again.

Dom - Surrived in the first movie, didn't appear in 2 Fast 2 Furious, returned for a cameo in Tokyo Drift, returned for Fast & Furious, Fast Five and Fasta and Furious 6, still living in LA.

Letty - Disappeared with Leon near the end of the first movie, later appeared in Fast and Furious, and was killed off after the opening sequence, but is later revealed to be alive at the end of Fast Five, but turned against Dom by working with Owen Shaw in Fast & Furious 6, suffering from memory loss, she returns to LA with Dom after taking out Shaw.

Mia - We last saw her trying to stop Dom from chasing Johnny Tran for Jesse's death, he later reunited with Dom and Brian in Fast & Furious, restarted her relationship with Brian, they went on the run with Dom, she was captured by Shaw, but was saved by Brian, they returned to LA and have son called Jack.

Johnny Tran - Was shot and killed by Brian.

Jesse - Was panicking from Tran, but was then killed by Tran.

Vince - After the first movie, he moved to Brazil, married a woman named Rosa and raised their son calling him Nico, he then joins Brian, Dom, Mia, Roman, Tej, Han, Giselle, Leo and Santos in a heist mission during Fast Five, he is then killed by a killer named Zizi while helping Dom and Brian saving Hobbs, a DSS agent.

Leon - We last seen him fleeing with Dom, Letty and Mia, but he later disappeared so he wouldn't be caught by the law.