I'm used to seeing movies mock Christians and Christianity, but I've never seen a movie attack everyone of faith. I am shocked that so many people believe this to be a pro religion movie.

Without writing a 2 page essay on the story. Ang Lee basically says that every religion is just a fantastical story that one chooses to believe instead of reality.

Although the point is made that the story teller is completely fine with a person believing what ever story they wish to believe. The fact that they are saying all religions are just stories is an attack on people of faith.

People who practice religions base many of their decisions in life, including the welfare of their families on their faith. To say that people are letting a fantastic story influence important decisions on their life and the lives of their families is an insult.

Also, Some on the board here talk about atheists. Atheist's always say they don't need God to be good, or give them a moral standard.

Atheism is based on humanism, and the nature of humans is greed,and selfishness.

For proof of this one needs to read no further than this secular Canadian magazine. http://www2.macleans.ca/2010/05/06/do-atheists-care-less/