This movie copped a lot of *beep* from fans old and new. I admit that I was nine years old when this came out (arguably the targeted audience) and I absolutely loved it. And then, as the years went on, I joined the bandwagon in hating this movie for the irritating addition of Jar Jar Binks, Ewen MacGregor's appalling acting,the smart-arse little *beep* named Anikan, and the general childishness of the whole film.
But recently I bought the blu-ray collection and watched all six films - and surprisingly, I found that this movie had a much more distinctive atmosphere than the other two. Not only did I really enjoy it, but I also realised that since George Lucas was intentionally trying to give us a modern-day Starwars, I think he did a very good job.

I know it's not the best starwars film, but it does not deserve the criticism it suffers, in my opinion. I recommend all the haters to re-watch it.