You knew someone had to start this topic sooner or later. Probably someone has already asked it, but I couldn't find the topic so here we go....

I would like to know what everyone thought about this one verssus the 1998 version that starred Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush.

Since the 1998 version was not a musical and ends earlier in the story, comparisons are not perfect.

Still...its the same story. As for me, I feel that each one its strengths and weakenesses. In my humble opinion:

--Neeson and Rush made a better Valjean and Javert. Jackman and Crowe were good, but not as good as them.

--The 2012 version's music was better in many respects, but I respect the 1998 verion's music for how haunting and profound it was.

--I felt the reasons for Javert's fate were better explained in the 2012 version than the 1998 version.

--I liked the courtroom scene from the 1998 version than the 2012 version, as the 1998 version actually had a scene longer than a few moments.

Just some points, I have others. But I want to hear from the world.