Is it just me or did anyone see A LOT of Santa Sangre in this movie. ????
The weird mums. Cutting of peoples arms? Religion theme 'Holy Blood'.
I know Refn said this is a tribute to Jodorowsky but it seems so similar with themes its crazy.

So many critics slated this film but I really enjoyed it- when i say enjoyed i dont mean enjoyed. I was literally amazed by the look of the film its so mesmerizing and dream like. Think of a movie that looks this amazing? the cinematography is aaaaaghgjyhgvjhhhhhh i love it. soundtrack. brill. Ryan Goslings acting is amazing as always. Kristin Scott-Thomas is unrecognisable and incredible.
I look at the characters in this film as metaphors; Chang is obviously God, Gosling isn't like a person or character he's more of just a mum-servant killing machine robot.
I also thought all the metaphors and underlying themes were cool and so interesting to try and make sense of. So just because people don't get a movie doesnt mean they should hate it, and mainstream audiences will hate this, obviously. its kind of pretentious and weird but i love that. who doesn't?