under another topic someone wrote something about 0dark30 being a film about american problems, american people,blablabla... hence a movie for americans... i (not american) was thinking about watching it but would like to hear other people´s opinion on that one. of course it is an american movie focusing on american problems but can it still be an entertaining two and a half hours for someone who just knows about 9/11, war in the middle east and guantanamo from school or the media? a lot of war movies obviously have this patriotic touch in it. that´s totally fine to a certain extent. i just don´t want to watch a military propaganda film camouflaged as a cia-thriller. another thing i´d like to avoid is some cheesy america-is-the-best-of-the-world-attitude a la independence day (the presidents´ speech at the end was just awful....)

Or is it, as i hoped since i heard that this movie is going to be made, just a thriller about the decade it took to catch bin laden?

i hope that you (american or not) guys who already watched it could give me short description regarding my questions.