I didn't quite understand the point of it.

First, Captain Phillips yells to the RHIB crew "I'm in Seat 15!" OK, so he is smart and understands that sharpshooters would be used and he's letting them know not to shoot anyone there. But the Somalians understand English! Why did he say this in English? (I would've said "diez y cinco" or things like "Tim Tebow's number! Thurman Munson's number!" to try to codify it for a non-Somalian.)

But then of course, the Somalians didn't even react to it. Of course, I get that they were panicked and may not have been processing everything. But that was pretty lucky for him.

And then in the end the SEALs didn't even need to know what seat Phillips was in because the shooting happens while he's strung up on the rope near the front of the lifeboat.

Seems that if this wasn't based on a true story, the "Seat 15" plot line wouldn't have been written at all.