For starters, this film is garbage. It's a re-hash/plagiarism of Casino, Goodfellas and pretty much every single gangster/mob/crook movie from the 1970's and based on the 1970's. Only one thing stood out for me and that was Rosalyn Rosenfeld, but even then I can't say it's perfect because they had to go with Jennifer Lawrence, which is one of the worst actresses out there. Amy Adams is beyond terrible, she only succeeds in films like Enchanted or Doubt where she plays the mousy character, Amy Adams being sexy? It was a joke, but people fell for it which just goes to show what today's standards are.

Anyway, like I said I loved the character and the whole nail polish/perfume thing, it was a clever metaphor about people's characters and of course I related because my favorite perfume really is something I can't live without and is as prominent to me as the nail polish was for her, but even when it's good, this movie still manages to be terrible. I get that it couldn't have been a "perfume" but something visible, like red nails, but the constant highlighting of it just pointed out the obvious: No nail polish smells of perfume and probably no woman would ever walk around smelling nail polish.

Or am I wrong?