You're an ambitious young screenwriter who has just been offered the chance to write the script for Die Hard 6 (When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Die Hard). Where would you take the franchise? Would you go back to the roots and have the John McClane of yesteryear who was cutting his feet on broken glass and constantly in search of aspirins, or would you make him the super-heroic version of McClane that this new breed of Die Hard has unleahsed?

Personally, I would take the franchise "back home" so to speak. John would be going back to NJ for a family crisis (father's funeral perhaps) and subsequently getting caught up in the plot of the villain. I know Jersey isn't the most cool place for a Die Hard movie but it could begin in NJ and then spread to New York where McClane has to kick ass and take names.

What say ye? What's your plan for the next adventure of John "Yippee Ki Yay Motherfuc..." McClane?