I liked this film very much.
I liked almost everything on it.
That atmosphere with a bit of Equilibrium and a bit of Aeon Flux and a bit of 1984 and similars.
The way the future was presented, the actings (pleasantly surprised by the young protagonist. And even being a boy I must say the guy was quite cool and the two of them together had a wow alchemy).
I liked the idea of Casts as boxes where the society wants to close us, label us, limit us, and the divergents as people who just do not fit, but not because they are bad or faulty, just because the society is not well structured. Or it is too structured.
I really liked it.
While I was never able to watch Hunger Games.
I started, fast forwarded, found it very boring, with horrible special Fx, and a bad taste retro style.
I read so many critics to this beautiful movie and so many lodes to Hunger Games.
I will never understand why, if I do not watch Hunger Games.
But I have a very bad feeling about it.
Shall I really?
Or there are other people here who can support my feeling that this movie can be more pleasant than Hunger Games for certain people?
Am I alone in this?