Especially the 'Train Fight'. The music throughout, the way it builds and sounds through various scenes. Very well thought out.

The build up(side-on shot) starting with Ras Al Ghul activating the train, through to Batman hanging underneath the train with his grapple, getting help from the commissioner, both chasing down the extremely skilled and powerful former Batman mentor.

Then the hand to hand combat, showing how Batman could not defeat his former mentor in a fight, instead he took advantage of a momentary distraction.(completely understandable, as he would need to look up to see what was happening. And maybe prepare a plan B to escape).

+ it's the only time I have ever seen Liam Nesson play a defeated villain.(usually plays the winning hero or anti-hero)

+ Al Ghul's black costume/suit is very fitting and authoritative. It gives him more character on film, as does the beard.