I saw this film when I was 14 years old, along with a neighborhood pal who was 10. We were absolutely blown away by this film back then. I didn't know anyone who didn't think this film wasn't amazing, a must have the minute it came out on VHS so you could watch it over and over again, especially the opening sequence. Man, how I wanted to stay in that universe just a little longer.

But, I was just curious about those who might of seen in like I did, maybe compared to those seeing it on DVD/BD. Is there anybody out there who walked away from this movie in 1991 who was disappointed somehow? It just kind of baffles me to see the hate towards this film, knowing what it felt like to see this film in 1991. Maybe is also triggers other fond memories, like playing Street Fighter II at the arcades (another thing that HAD to be experienced to realize how popular and HUGH this game was).

Anyway, I can see why some people complain about stopping the advancement of technology by just throwing a chip into molten steel. But, it's really seems easier to say now days living in the technological/information age and advances being reality. Back then, the majority had no concept of the internet. If you watch movies like "Total Recall", or Back to the Future II (1989) a telephone with a picture was still considered very futuristic, right alongside with flying cars, and ...well, time travel.

Then I can see some peoples complaints about the time travel aspect, it being a circle, so a 3rd film being necessary, but I honestly think that can be left up to your own interpretation and imagination as a film goer. But, for what was presented ON SCREEN, and not going into the SUPER NERD MODE on theories of time travel, this was a pretty astounding and ground breaking film, which had to be experienced in the era of 1991 to be fully appreciated.