First of all, I'm not a "hater" that tries to critic everything he sees. Actually I'm the opposite. But all what I just saw here (with the best predisposition) was signs of bad filmmaking. To make it short:

1) Based on the trailer, signs in the streets and SPECIALLY the first 20 minutes of the movie, you expect that archery will be a big part of the movie. They portrait her as this amazing archer who loves archery more than anything. Then it became useless, she barely uses her bow and the times she uses it it does not even do any good.

2) All the bear thing came completely out of nowhere. OK, sometimes twists (if they are well done) give a nice surprise. In this case was cliche and made it boring and close to ridiculous.

3) Title: Brave? Yeah, she was "brave" a couple times when she fought against her father for example.. but that's it. It's definitely not a major characteristic in her personality.

4) The tapestry and the way to take the spell away was... don't know how to describe it... it is like if the movie makers would be tired of thinking and wanted a quick and easy solution, and that was reflected.

I went with my eyes closed to the cinema (meaning I didn't need anyone to recomend it) just becuase it's Pixar and I TRUST Pixar. For me Pixar = good movie. This is the first time I get out completely disappointed. Of course animation was wonderful, as always. For a kid which is the only thing they need to see, it's good. For an adult, it's not.