I don't get it. Throughout the trilogy there are at least(as I can think of) three characters with magical powers: Gandalf, Sauroman and the Witch King. Gandalf for starters takes on the big Balrog with lightning strikes of some sort, but afterwards(when he's gotten more powerful) he just uses a light beam to scare away the Nazguls. Why doesn't use his magic in the big battles instead of just throwing around his staff and sword?

Then there is Sauroman who in the deleted scene in the third film, casts some sort of fireball at Gandalf. Why didn't he do that when the Ents came an attacked Isengard instead of just staying in his tower looking confused? They were clearly very susceptible to fire damage, so it would obviously have helped a bit.

Then finally the Witch King. In the third movie he completely obliterates Gandalf's staff, which at least makes it seem like he has some sort of destructive magical powers. Why doesn't he use it more often? Another thing with the Witch King i was wondering about, is if that whole "No man can kill me" was meant to be taken litteraly, and his only weakness was a woman, or if it was just some female-power joke meant to taunt him.

I like the movies very much but I've always wondered about these things. I am although certain that there is some clarification in the books so if anyone has read them, please do share.