Disneys best movie! Nothing has topped this film!!!!

This film is amazing, it will never get topped, it'as already 2011 and the new release proves it holds up against everything that has been released from Disney, not just holds up to them, but actually still beats them, in my opinion Disney has not made anything better than this film yet. They still make awesome movies, but they will never top this.

Yes I love the toy story series, but nothing is as powerful and as beautiful as the lion king, it can't be touched, its brilliant, animated film at its finest. Everything is perfect about this film, the opening grabs you right away, gives chills. The score is amazing, the songs, the acting, the story, its amazing all around.

I feel sorry to those Disney employees who decided to work on Pocahontas, because they thought lion king wasn't going to be good, lol.