I'm still in such shock at how bad this film is that I have now been back to see it THREE times.

Unfortunately, everything I thought the first time round still applies.

OK, I found myself better able to grit my teeth through the pointless characters in the first half of the film but the obviously missing scenes are still OBVIOUSLY MISSING and it falls to pieces in the final third with the supposed double-payoff of the operation scene ruined by being interspliced with the ridiculous (and now legendary I would suggest) "zombie" scene and the most ludicrous exposition catch-up between characters (the Captain to Shaw). The second, and primary payoff being meeting the Space Jockey who has absolutely no information to impart, so that was basically a wasted journey then, both for the cast and the audience.

I still loved the opening 15 minutes and Noomi's Shaw character - she does a great job of showing vulnerability to me and comes across as almost childlike at times which I think fits in real well with the children/parents theme of the film so well done to her/casting.

However, this film needs the following:

Slower pacing in the first hour - hold some shots for longer ffs, let's get some immersive atmosphere going, every single shot is cut to the bone as it is - stunning vista of ringed planet with burning up asteroid etc? We don't care, two seconds is all you're getting then cut!

Zombie scene removed - it'll leave plot problem of extra crew members apparently still being alive but ffs, everything else is diluted by leaving it in as it is ... Shoot another scene of them in bay of the ship when it crashes into the alien craft or something ...

What I assume is a missing (sex?) scene between the Captain and Vickers where I also assume that the Captain learns of the bio-weapons slant of the Space Jockeys cargo hence bursting into Shaw's room to deliver the cringeworthy exposition to her (and us) - if this scene exists then it has to go back in so the conversation with Shaw is EVEN POSSIBLE, never mind fitting! If it doesn't exist, shoot it ffs as this is the film's worst moment to me, it's awful.

Meeting the Space Jockey - I get the leave-it-all-open-to-keep-em-guessing choice but there's literally nothing here for anyone to think about. Clearly, he wants to kill everyone but we have no inkling of why at all other than an off the cuff remark from David re destroying to create etc. Fine I get that too but seriously, this is really weak - really the best that could be written??