So I pretty much just made an account to ask you guys this question lol

If Insurgent gets made who would you like to see play Evelyn and Johanna?

Here are my pics for Evelyn in order of preference

~Patricia Clarkson

~Madeleine Stowe

~Nicole Kidman (because I love her lol)

~Jodie Foster

~Michelle Pfeiffer

And these are my pics for Johanna..

~Jennifer Garner (I think she would be PERFECT!!!)

~Claire Daines

I haven't thought much about Johanna but I'm pretty set on Jennifer Garner lol and she could use a good comeback movie :P

I think these are two very strong very different types of women. And I think the casting for Divergent for women (mainly the characters of Jeannine and Natalie) were cast perfectly! I can't see anyone else playing Natalie then Ashley Judd.

Anwyays... Thoughts?


No rude comments or arguing/fighting .... I'll just delete the post cause "Aint nobody got time for that!"