Just saw the movie tonight.

Why didnt they show Dukes body? they showed Zartan body when he died.

When FireFly got blown up his whole body burst into pieces.

Duke just kind of flew to the side body intact.

Storm Shadow survived his explosion and it looked worse than Dukes.

Why did Joe Colton put Dukes DogTag into his pocket?

With how the nanobite can heel and how the rimsleep can make your body feel like it's dead I guess they can bring him back for the third installment and say they used one of those devices.

I'm kind of thinking Joe does know Duke is alive and will give him his dogtags back and make him a Black ops member and wants everybody to assume he is dead. I thought their was a comic book where Joe Colton was president and placed Duke in the Black Ops and knowbody knew it.

Anyway killing Duke off Duke not Tatum just took the life out of the movie the best part of the movie was the first 25 minutes. After Duke died the movie kind of became a hot choppy mess and no connection to the hero's. I don't want to see Roadblock go one on one with Cobra they have no history. Duke must comeback in the next one he has history with Cobra/rex and people want to see that conclusion not RB and Cobra.